Who am I?

Well, this is one question I find really difficult to answer. Do I start with my education, my marital status, my parental status,my hometown, my religion or what? Since this is my space I’ll introduce myself as I have always wanted to ­čÖé

I am a generic human being who is as human as it gets: prone to all the feelings ,desires, joys and frustrations of  mere mortals. I have an intense relationship with my maker: questioning, fighting, apologizing, cajoling, pleading and constantly talking to it (not him/her: the maker, I believe is above gender). Now that the important stuff is said, on to more mundane things: I am a 33 year old female, living in Bangalore; am a mother to a 2.5 year old tornado. A software engineer by qualification (no longer by profession: am a recent deserter). I love reading, cooking, eating and traveling.

Started this blog to vent, offer my 2 bits to anyone who cares, record some of the adorable doings of my son etc etc. Time will tell how successful I am in doing this :). Good luck to me!