Little boosts..

So, a bit of my life history. I left my 10 year old career in IT last year in October..primarily as my then 2 year old was having it tough adjusting to daycare and me being away 10-12 hours a day and secondarily because the commute was punishing and my then assignment was pathetic to say the least.

The plan was to start a catering company of my own <trumpet blows> but I found out that I was busier being at home the entire day than I used to be in office. What with my love for food, it seemed like a sin not to make 6 kind of pickles, vadis and jams plus not having 4 meals a day also is a heresy. Add to all this cooking, sunning, peeling, plotting and planning my darling son who wants to “help” in each and everything :)..with his help my 5 minute jobs get completed in 50 minutes 🙂 :)…..the crux of this monologue is that the said company is still a castle in the air and subconsciously I am always aware of being jobless (and penniless)  and that does irk me.

I keep trying to take baby steps towards doing something which gives me a sense of achievement. So finally last week when I saw a recipe contest email from Bigbasket, i sent in my entry and guess what?? it won the best recipe of the week award :D. I know it is not a big thing but it did cheer me up and gave me a boost…I am thankful for these little boosts..




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