Sigdi jan

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Welcome all to sigdi jan!!! If you are wondering what sigdi jan is, let me enlighten you :)..When I was a small child living in a quaint town in Rajasthan, there were no wedding cards and such. Instead, the invitations to weddings and other festivities were delivered verbally by the family hosting the festivities and there used to be a secret code to the invitations : sigdi jan and pagdi jan. If you were invited for sigdi jan, that ,meant that the entire family is invited and if it was a pagdi jan, then only the male members are invited. (The term were carried on from the olden times: sigdi was a stove used to prepare meals in the old times and the entire family used to sit around the sigdi, enjoying the hot off the stove rotis and such; pagdi Рa form of indian headgear was worn by the male members in the old days. Jan is a colloquial term used for people)

So, all this lesson in history is just to let you know that all are welcome to this blog. Let us talk about everything under the sun :)!!

Stay blessed!




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